Organic Cane Sweetener

Being a remarkable organic cane sweetener granule manufacturer in India, Haritwa Technologies employes the finest grade basic inputs and sophisticated techniques for the formation of uniform granules. These are widely added to several delicacies and savories to infuse an inimitable sweetness. We offer them in different quantity packages, to satiate the divergent yearnings of the market. Our company is regarded as a major organic cane sweetener supplier in the country, who never compromises on the quality and offered a timely delivery. So, just get in touch with us for grabbing the lucrative deals.


Features Organic
Packaging Loose
Test Rich Test
Form Powder
Speciality No Artificial Flavour, Gluten Free
Country of Origin India

Comparison chart between Refined Sugar, Brown Sugar & Our Product(per 100 Grams)

Parameters Refined Sugar Brown Sugar Our Product
Sucrose 99.50% 96-99% 75-85%
Reducing Sugar 0.00% 0-1% 5-10%
Protein 0.00% 0.10% 1.00%
Potassium 0.5-1mg 1.7-4mg 570mg
Calcium 0.5-5mg 70-90mg 160mg
Magnesium 0mg 3-6mg 128mg
Phosphorous 0mg 3-5mg 40mg
Calories 436Kcal 434Kcal 380Kcal
Total Phenol 26.5-31.5µGAE/g 372µGAE/g 2280µgGAE/g

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