Most Popular Varieties Of Organic Mangoes

Posted by Admin on July, 26, 2019

Mango is the king of fruits in India and it is the favorite of a majority of the people. It is available in a variety of forms, shapes, and tastes. Not just that, depending on the taste and firmness of mangoes, one can use them in different types of preparations like salads, pickles, curries, raw consumption, shakes, smoothies, cakes, ice creams, desserts, and whatnot. While people love to eat mangoes on every occasion possible, this delicious fruit is mostly available in the summers and fills the heart with the nostalgia of summer vacations. However, the best of mangoes are the organic mangoes that are grown organically and offered fresh by organic mangoes supplier in Karnataka and other parts of the country. This write-up talks about the different varieties of mangoes you can now find in the market. So, let’s have a quick read.

Alphonso Mango
The summer season and the season of mangoes start when you start seeing the firm and yellow Alphonso mangoes in the market. This is also the most expensive mango variety in the world that is considered to be the tastiest as well. These small, spherical, mangoes are purely yellow in color with a tinge of orange here and there. One can even source them from the trusted organic mangoes exporter in Karnataka.

Neelam Mango
This is one of the sweetest mangoes you will see in the market. They have vibrant orange skin. The sweet aroma of these mangoes attracts people from far as well. One can find some of the most delicious Neelam mangoes in Hyderabad. One can find the sweetest and most amazing smelling Neelam mangoes in the months of May-July.

Langra Mango
A mango that enters the markets towards the closing of the mango season, it tends to leave behind its memories with everyone. The farmer who first harvested this mango in Varanasi was lame and that’s how this variety got its name. These mangoes are majorly found in Uttar Pradesh and famous across Northern part of India.

Dussehri Mango
A mango variety that everyone loves to suckle on is the Dussheri mango. It has a very high amount of pulp in it that is best for this purpose. It has a very sweet taste which makes it a favorite among the people. It is generally grown in Northern part of India and famous in Uttar Pradesh.

Totapuri Mango
This is one of those mango varieties that is grown majorly in Southern part of India. This mango variety gets its name from its shape. These mangoes have a pointing tip at the bottom like that of a parrot; hence the name. It can be aptly used for making pickles and even salads.

Kesar Mango
The mango gets its name from the color Kesar or Saffron. It has a saffron hue that is generally greener that majority of mangoes one can find in the market. Refreshing aamras in summer is usually made using this variety of mango and it also attracts people with its unique fragrance.

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